:mega: Exciting News! Introducing the New Docker B...
# announcements
📣 Exciting News! Introducing the New Docker Build Provider for Pulumi! 🚀 Streamline Docker image builds from your Pulumi programs with support for multi-platform images, advanced caching, build secrets, and Docker Build Cloud. Check out our launch blogpost to learn more.
Any chance this is also good for podman?
hey @able-camera-57198 - this isn’t something we’ve tested and i can say it’s unlikely to work at the moment. the provider assumes a buildkit-compatible daemon, which means it works with things like builldkitd, orbstack, etc. it may also work with podman’s compatibility API (
) but again this hasn’t been tested. daemon-less podman will require some work - if you could file a feature request on the repo it would be very helpful!
I will, thank you! Yeah, with the licensing change to docker, I don't doubt this and rootless will be essential.