Hi there, I’d like to contribute to the AWS native...
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Hi there, I’d like to contribute to the AWS native provider effort and/or the .Net framework, understand what the approach is etc. Can anyone provide any pointers to docs, discussions? Thanks.
The AWS Native provider is mostly generated automatically from AWS Cloud Control API specs, so most of the work on it is about ensuring that concepts in AWS Cloud Control get mapped well to Pulumi. There are relatively few “bugs” or “features” in this provider compared to other areas because of this auto-generation approach. That said, if there are any issues you see that you’d like to contribute to - feel free to drop a note on the issue or herr. The dotnet language support has probably a few more interesting areas of fixes/inprovements that are easy to pick up and contribute. These three issues are likely relatively small things that could be easy to take a look at for example: https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi-dotnet/labels/area%2Fautomation-api.