hey guys, im getting an error, probably more googl...
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hey guys, im getting an error, probably more google cloud related. this is the code:
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const project = new gcp.projects.Service(serviceName, {
        project: serviceName,
        service: "<http://iam.googleapis.com|iam.googleapis.com>",
        disableDependentServices: true,
this is the error:
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error: 1 error occurred:
        * Error when reading or editing Project Service : Request `List Project Services test-projext` returned error: Failed to list enabled services for project test-interlaceiq: googleapi: Error 403: Project 'test-project' not found or permission denied.
I dont know the roles off the top of my head, but in my experience this usually means you're lacking permissions to deploy the particular resource in GCP.
I think so too, but not really sure why that should be the problem, since I authenticated with my google account
nvm, worked it out. I had to use this code
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const project = new gcp.organizations.Project(serviceName, {
        name: serviceName,
        projectId: serviceName