Apologies if this has already been asked before: -...
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Apologies if this has already been asked before: • I have a cloud run service, with an image, lets say "moon" • I update this image in my ci/cd pipeline, create a new tag and deploy • How do I get pulumi to not update the image when making a deployment? It seems the google cloud cli can already support deploying to service without the image name so you don't need to always specify the exact tag. It seems that image is required on a cloud run service in pulumi, so not sure how to go about this. Is there a solution that doesn't involve getting the service before hand? I would just like ignoreChanges for the image tag
@proud-plastic-22252 my setup doesn’t update the image but I separated image generation for the code with the infrastructure. It only pulls by tag so if the image hash hasn’t changed it will pull the same tag. If I understand your statement correctly, tit sounds like your updating the image at the same time as CI/CD of the pipeline?
Yeah so my CI/CD pipeline updates the image and the service at the same time