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# docs
various features in e.g.
the docs say: > Deprecated: Use the aws.s3.BucketWebsiteConfigurationV2 resource instead but the type annotations (for Python) say
so you get a type error if you use the non-deprecated form then at deploy time (with
to match the type annotations) I get:
verification warning: Use the aws_s3_bucket_website_configuration resource instead
which I guess is the Terraform version of the deprecation in the docs the type annotation makes it unclear whether new form is even usable yet
hey @colossal-address-99162 is this something you can take a look at?
Not completely sure what goes into deriving the type annotations here. I'm guessing the docs are correct here, but it's the type annotation that's the issue. I'm going to file an issue for this in the pulumi-aws provider repo.