Hi everyone, We are trying to use the Pulumi Splun...
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Hi everyone, We are trying to use the Pulumi Splunk provider to setup indexes on the Splunk Cloud instance. Pulumi is able to create the index successfully however we aren’t able to view them in the Splunk Cloud UI. We reached out the Splunk support and they recommended to use the Splunk ACS (Admin Config Service) to manage the indexes and other resources. Noticed that the Splunk ACS uses a different REST endpoint (i.e. `https://admin.splunk.com/&lt;stack-name&gt;/adminconfig/v2/indexes`) compared to what Pulumi uses (i.e. `https://<stack-name>.splunkcloud.com:8089/servicesNS/`). I wasn’t able to find any option in the Pulumi docs to make Pulumi to use the ACS endpoints. Can I safely assume that ACS based config isn’t supported on the Pulumi provider at this stage or I’m overlooking something. This is a blocker for us to setup the Splunk IaaC therefore any response would be highly appreciated. Thanks once again.
https://registry.terraform.io/providers/splunk/scp/latest/docs ^ would need a pulumi wrapper on top of this new TF provider