Does `make provider` and `make build_sdks` also up...
# general
make provider
make build_sdks
also update it?
@cuddly-engineer-30016 depends if the bridged provider is using
or `manual`mapping. Because auto mapping is newer functionality many older (wrapped) providers (still) use the manual way. Or the provider maintainer(s) decided to not use the auto mapping at all.
I am not sure what the
package is using and don't know how to find that out but since its an older one and looking at the changes made in the latest PR, I would say its using manual mapping.
@cuddly-engineer-30016 If you refer to the
provider ( , I can definitely tell you, because I'm the maintainer, that the repo is using manual mapping. If there's a upstream resource/data source is missing, please open an issue so that I can create a new release.
That's what i am trying to say. There are no upstream "resource" or "datasource" that is missing but a "function". The terraform time package has a "provider function" called
rfc3339_parse and this is what is missing. And I don't even know if a terraform provder function can be implemented in pulumi automatically. I know that terraform data sources are implemented automatically as pulumi functions though.