anyone have tips on a good way to share config acr...
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anyone have tips on a good way to share config across projects? i cant seem to find a definitive answer with a web search. one approach im leaning towards is having a project with the config values as outputs and then grabbing them through stack references. im sure this approach has its downsides. i would imagine quite a few of the people here have been through this before and have some nuggets of wisdom.
It depends on your situation. You could just not use Pulumi for that: having an external shared value store can be great, if it's worth the extra maintenance overhead. You could store the shared values in a since Pulumi project+stack and grab the values from the one place always. You could transform your stack config files before each deployment, adding in shared values from a known location. Or you could simply duplicate the values. This is almost always the easiest, but the risk of drift can be problematic.
@little-cartoon-10569 thanks for the overview!