I'm trying to setup my WebStorm development enviro...
# typescript
I'm trying to setup my WebStorm development environment to debug my Pulumi deployment. When I execute
pulumi up ...
on the command line, all is good, but I get a startup error when attempting to debug with WebStorm. I've had mixed results and wanted to see if anyone here had any recommendations. The most successful approach so far seems to be to have an intermediary JS file, that then invokes
pulumi up ...
, which allows me the then set breakpoints, etc.
I can successfully debug unit test code. Given the risks with debugging an actual
pulumi up
(like getting half-way through a complication security group component resource and quitting the session, potentially leaving some resources inaccessible 🙂 ) and the huge speed differences, I've never wanted to do any more than that. I recommend this approach, it has worked well for me.