Hey everyone! I’ve been following along with confi...
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Hey everyone! I’ve been following along with configuring and provisioning an application in Docker using Pulumi tutorial. However, the MongoDB container is failing to create. Has anyone else experienced this issue, or am I doing something wrong? https://www.pulumi.com/learn/pulumi-fundamentals/configure-and-provision/
Hi there -- can you be more specific? Are you seeing any particular errors, or is something just not happening that you expect?
hi @miniature-musician-31262 let me share a screenshot
the front end container creates and i can see it in my browser
Ok thanks, I'll give this a try and see if I can repro
hi @miniature-musician-31262 any luck?
Apologies for the delay -- I have some time this morning and am in these docs today, so will take a look
Hm, this just worked for me. Are you using TypeScript?
It looks like you're using the Pulumi Cloud backend, so you may be able to see some logs that shed more light. Try navigating to that URL at https://app.pulumi.com and seeing if there's anything there you can share here.
If you're running Docker Desktop, you may also see some logs by clicking the
Ah, I think you're probably not using TypeScript. Your Pulumi resource name is
, whereas the TypeScript version would've had you name it differently. So I'm guessing you're using either Go or YAML.
I'll try with Go, since I don't see those same exports in the YAML version.
Well, hrm -- that worked for me also.
Curious what you see in the Docker Desktop logs. Also might be good to know what OS you're running (I'm on a Mac.)
Also might be good to share your code (e.g., in a GitHub Gist) just to make sure we're doing the same thing.
would be good.
hello @miniature-musician-31262 i am using Go and i'm running it on an ubuntu machine. i also don't have docker desktop installed
Screenshot from 2024-05-24 00-51-09.png,Screenshot from 2024-05-24 00-51-23.png
Yeah, your code works for me too. Guessing it has something to do with your Docker installation. 🤔
hi @miniature-musician-31262 after investigating for a while i found this. this explains why the container fails to create then