How do you figure out the native equivalent of a c...
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How do you figure out the native equivalent of a classic resource?
Like for a Function, is this the right equivalent?
I think the WebAppFunction is the function itself if you want to declare it in your infrastructure code which is probably not what you want. Personnaly I provision the Function App with IaC and deploy the functions themsleves with the appliation deployment. A Function App is jsut a WebApp of a special kind. You have an example here :
An interesting way to find the good resource is to use Because Azure native is a native provider, what you can also do is to check Micrcosoft official documentation for ARM / Bicep. For instance, the code for Fucntion App between Bicep and Pulumi is simiar as you can see here => So each time you don't know exactly which resource type is the right you can check the Micrcosoft ARM API reference documentation which list all the resources in ARM / Bicep / Terraform (AzAPI provider not AzureRM) here