Hello, Ran into what seems to be a :beetle: when a...
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Hello, Ran into what seems to be a 🪲 when attempting to modify a pulumi stack with docker.Provider and docker.RemoteImage when DOCKER_HOST is modified. The use case is a CI pipeline pulling a container from a private repo and pushing it to another private repo, it has DOCKER_HOST set to "tcp://localhost:2376". Then, a user attempts to modify the stack by pulling and pushing to/from the repos too, but with DOCKER_HOST now set to "unix:///$HOME/.docker/run/docker.sock". This error is received:
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Docker native provider returned an unexpected error from Configure: failed to connect to any docker daemon
It appears that the initial DOCKER_HOST env var is being stored in the docker.Provider inputs.host and that is taking precedence over the updated DOCKER_HOST env var when attempting to refresh/read the state of the resources.
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    "urn": "urn:pulumi:...::ukilrn::pulumi:providers:docker::local-docker-provider-...",
    "custom": true,
    "id": "ed824cb5-e9e9-4947-8733-cd03bbad303d",
    "type": "pulumi:providers:docker",
    "inputs": {
        "host": "<tcp://localhost:2376>",
        "registryAuth": ...
Ideally, the change is detected and the docker.Provider host updated prior to attempting to read the resources then replacing the resources since they don't exist on the local system. Details captured in this github issue: https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi-docker/issues/1106 Test case: https://github.com/korosccj/pulumi-docker-test Any assistance is appreciated.