Hi all, I have small question, my provider v0.1.1 ...
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Hi all, I have small question, my provider v0.1.1 works fine, but I have one warning during execution, how to fix it or what is the cause?
Cause: It looks like the plugin your are developing with doesn’t serve the version correctly. What framework are you using to serve the plugin?
is set in the Makefile and then embedded into the binary. When I tried building your provider locally, the version I got was
. If you want to specify the version using the current Makefile, you need to build on a commit tagged at
. You can check what version
will derive by running it directly:
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$ pulumictl get version
If you want to hard-code that you are building version
(instead of relying on git tags), you can run
VERSION=0.1.1 make provider
. That binary will report to have version v0.1.1. Let me know if that helped.