Hey good morning. We are currently storing our pul...
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Hey good morning. We are currently storing our pulumi file in an S3 bucket. This bucket is encrypted using a KMS key. When running
pulumi login <s3://mybucket>
I get this error: error: problem logging in: read ".pulumi/meta.yaml": blob (key ".pulumi/meta.yaml") (code=Unknown): AccessDenied: Access Denied status code: 403, request id: 8N5AVCW0D0CF17DY, host id: VsmKrytuAAGUIU+pdQ6ZrikCcdD7uGxRru7oauhI+MOgIijUlWxp4YnNtRDptX9c4Z02GSvDcXA= Im assuming its because the access key that im using needs permissions updated..If this is the case what IAM permissions are needed to perform this ?
You need to be able to read and write files in this bucket. This AWS post should have all the info you need. You can test your user's/roles' access via the CLI or the AWS console by trying to download the .pulumi/meta.yaml key.