I added `ignoreChanges` to my resources but they a...
# general
I added
to my resources but they are still showing up in
drift detection
. example:
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const iam = new IAMMember(`${prefix}-${_account.accountId}-bq-editor-member`, {
  project: gcpConfig.require('project'),
  role: 'roles/bigquery.dataEditor',
  member: account.email.apply(email => `serviceAccount:${email}`)
}, { ignoreChanges: ['etag'] })
but it’s still showing up in the drift
pulumi refresh --preview-only
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~ gcp:projects/iAMMember:IAMMember: (update)
~ etag     : "BwYWTNS0Q6s=" => "BwYY98HnOng="
Hey @adorable-activity-71456. I’m sorry that no one got back to you earlier. We are looking at addressing this kind of drift with https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi/pull/16146.