---QMCLOUD AI Copilot is built using Pulumi Automa...
# built-with-pulumi
---QMCLOUD AI Copilot is built using Pulumi Automation API in the backend---- Announcing the availability of the QMCLOUD AI Copilot (Preview). You can try the AI Copilot visualization capabilities using the link below: https://app.qmcloud.io/call-canvas?tenant=100 You can enter a simple description for cloud infrastructure in the Copilot assistant chat window (bottom right) such as: “create an aws vpc named vpc1 with cidr block of create a subnet named private1 with cidr block of and in the availability zone us-east-1a”. The Copilot will then generate a json config file and prompt you to click ok and render the required components on the canvas. This Try Me link is limited to only the visualization feature. You can register and get started today at: https://app.qmlcoud.io Additional resources: A short video explaining the AI Copilot capability (50sec)


Read our blog on the AI Copilot capabilities: Introducing AI Copilot for QMCLOUD to deploy cloud infrastructure Contact us at "info@qmcloud.io" for any additional information and/or comments: #qmcloud