I asked this question in general but cross posting...
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I asked this question in general but cross posting here: https://pulumi-community.slack.com/archives/C84L4E3N1/p1717025261079819
Hard to say what the issue is like this. Have you tried re-running the job with debug turned on? When I configured my workflows in the beginning I added a couple of checks in the beginning to see if I’m logged in as the correct app and have basic access before anything else is done. If you suspect it’s a problem with dependencies, you could try running in a container. The action is a pretty simple wrapper around the pulumi command.
So what I’ve done I modify the SP’s permissions. I’m now getting errors about not being able to read secrets from the cluster. I am wondering if this is solvable via the portal or if I need to do a role binding in the cluster itself. Oh one other step that needs to be done is. Kubelogin after doing an az aks get-credentials