Hello, I wanted to check on an issue that I have r...
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Hello, I wanted to check on an issue that I have run into before opening an Issue in Github. I am beginning to develop a Native Provider using the Golang SDK. I am using this example as a guide. Upon trying to compile the code, I am seeing this error: > vendor/github.com/pulumi/pulumi/pkg/v3/codegen/schema/loader.go31141: cannot use schemaFormatVersion (variable of type int) as plugin.GetSchemaRequest value in argument to provider.GetSchema This error appears in
and is fixed by reverting to version
. This error originates in a PR that was added two weeks ago. I suspect that there is either (1) a bug in the PR or (2) the example is now outdated and should be updated. Or (3) I am doing something wrong 🙂
v3.117.0 came out ~7 hours ago, and includes a breaking change to the plugin internals used by pulumi-go-provider. You will need to stick to v3.16.1 until pulumi-go-provider updates.
cool, thanks