Hey All, Any one have any idea why I can use the D...
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Hey All, Any one have any idea why I can use the Docker provider to build Python Containers but not Golang containers. I am running pulumi using Go trying to build 3 local apps; three different dockerfiles. two python apps and one Go app. The python apps build and push but the Go app fails in Pulumi. To be clear when running docker build in the terminal for the go app outside of pulumi the container does build and run successfully on the same host as Pulumi… but it fails when the pulumi docker provider does the build… Attached is the error, the dockerfile and the pulumi code. Any help would be appreciated.
I have also tried not using the scratch image on the second stage of the multi step build. I have also removed the multi step build to a single step and both of these still fail.
Your dockerfile is directing go to output the binary to the
directory, which likely doesn't exist
try changing your workdir from