Hi, I'm running into <an issue> with awsx VPC crea...
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Hi, I'm running into an issue with awsx VPC creation with IPv6. Judging by a look at the code it should work, so I'd like to run sprinkle some breakpoints in awsx and follow the process. I wasn't able to find how to do that, though (only about debugging providers but not components). Additional complication, I guess, is that my stuff is written in Go but awsx is TypeScript. Any hints would be welcome
Hey there — we actually just published a blog post about how to do breakpoint debugging with VS Code, if you happen to be using that for your IDE: https://www.pulumi.com/blog/next-level-iac-breakpoint-debugging/ Hasn’t yet made it into the docs, but perhaps this may help you!
Thanks, that makes it clearer how debugging works, but the first limitation listed is what ultimately doesn't make it useful. I've worked around the problem by creating the VPC with all its parts directly with the aws provider.