Hi All, pulumi up returns error as below. But it ...
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Hi All, pulumi up returns error as below. But it does not leave any error trace hence did not get any clue for the root cause. pulumi logs did not any info as below. Please suggest how to find the root cause of this error ? [root@localhost ghc-pulumi]# pulumi logs Collecting logs for stack sbsr-ghc-pulumi-org/dev since 2024-06-06T131156.000+05:30. Do you want to perform this update? yes Updating (sbsr-ghc-pulumi-org/dev) View in Browser (Ctrl+O): https://app.pulumi.com/sbsr-ghc-pulumi-org/sample-pulumi-project/dev/updates/1 Type Name Status + pulumipulumiStack sample-pulumi-project-dev creating (115s).. Type Name Status Info + pulumipulumiStack sample-pulumi-project-dev creating failed 1 error + └─ gcpcontainerCluster bfuem-11146-demo-cluster-1 created Diagnostics: pulumipulumiStack (sample-pulumi-project-dev): error: update failed
It looks like you're running this locally. There should be a large number of pulumi files in
, including
automation-(random characters)
directories. One of them should contain an
(or maybe it's .txt?) for that up operation. I like to run
rg diagnostic
as a first pass, to find all files with diagnostic log events in them, then I like to run
cat eventlog.txt | jq | less
to scroll through it. Best of luck!
Thanks Ethan