Apologies if this isn't the right channel. How do ...
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Apologies if this isn't the right channel. How do you share resources created, in my case EventBridge name, across team projects?
Hi H. There are a few ways you might do it: • If e.g. you are in a monorepo, or already sharing e.g. libraries across multiple repositories, you might factor bits of your Pulumi programs out as libraries (e.g. common patterns, shared configuration, etc.). Equally you could e.g. have your programs read configuration from a shared location (e.g. JSON file, database, etc.). • If you want to read the results from other Pulumi stacks, you could look at stack references https://www.pulumi.com/learn/building-with-pulumi/stack-references/ • There is also Pulumi automation (https://www.pulumi.com/automation/), which lets you run Pulumi commands using an API. You could use this to orchestrate multiple stacks with shared configuration, for instance.
Great resources thanks, I will take a look.