Hi all, I'm struggling to deploy a keycloak helm ...
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Hi all, I'm struggling to deploy a keycloak helm chart using the pulumi k8s provider and some oidc clients for my master realm using the pulumi keycloak. When i try to deploy my project it fails due to a failed request of the keycloak provider which should load the master realm as resource to create the oidc clients. I'm doing:
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const keycloak = new HelmRelease("keycloak-helm-chart", {
   // ...helm chart config

const provider = new KeycloakProvider("keycloak", {
   url:          'https://<keycloak url>',
   clientId:     "admin-cli",
   realm:        "master",
   username:     "admin",
   password:     "password",
   initialLogin: false,
}, {dependsOn: keycloak, parent: keycloak});

// This one causes the 404 error since keycloak isn't fully deployed yet
const masterRealm = Realm.get("master-realm", "master", {}, {parent: provider, provider: provider, dependsOn: keycloak});
Has someone an idea why pulumi tries to load the realm before the helm chart is fully deployed?