Downgraded to 3.118. but pulumi up now Downloading...
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Downgraded to 3.118. but pulumi up now Downloading plugin.. So slow via three different VPNs.. These aren't on a CDN?
The plugins are served from GitHub releases, which itself is served via a CDN. In case users are being rate limited by GitHub releases (or GitHub releases has issues), we do fall back to
which is served via a CloudFront CDN.
The auto download of "the plugin" (what exactly is it?) was either 243mb or 246mb (cant remember exactly) for 3.118.0 after running
pulumi up
first time on this rolled back version (extract executables from the releases). I cant see that correlate with anything on - eager to troubleshoot this as this happened a bad time yesterday..
When does it fallback? What are the conditions it would fallback. As workaround for the playbook I don't mind temporarily poisoning in /etc/hosts if it avoids the situation
How do you know a user is being rate limited - is there a header flag in the download from