Hey, is it possible to convert Eventhub from Stand...
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Hey, is it possible to convert Eventhub from Standard to Basic tier if archiving options were specified previously? I am running into the problem
Namespace tier cannot be downgraded, as Archive is not available in Basic tier
, what worked for me is that I just deleted eventhub and re-created it. Is it possible to do in any other way? Thanks in advance 🙂
Pulumi version:
It is not possible to change eventhub SKUs after creation 😞
The message you shared above is a response from Azure API and not something that Pulumi is blocking. For Event Hubs, changing tiers is not supported after deployment so what you'd have to do is provision another namespace on the side and start routing your producers to the new event hub and then destroy the current one once all queues have been drained and consumers have been pointed to the new hub.
Ah well, not a big deal. Thank you for your help! 🙂