Hello everyone, I am trying to create recoveryserv...
# azure
Hello everyone, I am trying to create recoveryservices.ProtectionContainer() but container name has to be in correct format: StorageContainer;storage;{resource_group_name};{storage_account_name} I'm having a hard time with getting these names from objects resource_group.name and storage_account.name. always getting same result: Calling str on an Output[T] is not supported. To get the value of an Output[T] as an Output[str] consider: 1. o.apply(lambda v: f"prefix{v}suffix") See https://www.pulumi.com/docs/concepts/inputs-outputs for more details. This function may throw in a future version of Pulumi. I have tried every combination with resource_group_name = resource_group.name.apply(lambda name: name) but this does not work. Does anyone have a solution?