Hello, when i deploy traefikv2 helm chart the serv...
# kubernetes
Hello, when i deploy traefikv2 helm chart the service namespace is set to default even though i set
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namespace: traefikNamespace.metadata.name,
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transformations: [
    (obj: any, opts: pulumi.CustomResourceOptions) => { 
        if (obj.kind === "Service") {
            obj.metadata.namespace == traefikNamespace.metadata.name
But work when i set
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kubectl config set-context --current --namespace=NAMESPACE
Should i create an own k8s provider with correct namespace, or I am doing something wrong?
IIRC Pulumi has a bug with the namespace property in the Helm resource. I would guess the traefik helm chart has a Values parameter that allows you to specify the namespace. Could you try that instead?
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unfortunately it dosent have that value parameter, i can use the workaround in the mean time, thx for the help 🙂