Anyone has experience with Helm release? trying to...
# golang
Anyone has experience with Helm release? trying to pass values to an helm chart like so:
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Values: pulumi.Map{
  "controller": pulumi.Map{
    "resources": pulumi.MapArray{pulumi.Map{
      "limits": pulumi.MapArray{pulumi.Map{
        "cpu":    pulumi.String(values.Controller.Limits.CPU),
        "memory": pulumi.String(values.Controller.Limits.Memory),
      "requests": pulumi.MapArray{pulumi.Map{
        "cpu":    pulumi.String(values.Controller.Requests.CPU),
        "memory": pulumi.String(values.Controller.Requests.CPU),
    "replicas": <http://pulumi.Int|pulumi.Int>(values.ReplicaCount),
and getting the error:
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2022/07/27 16:14:41 warning: cannot overwrite table with non table for karpenter.controller.resources (map[limits:map[cpu:1 memory:1Gi] requests:map[cpu:1 memory:1Gi]])
also, if there is a way to pass values to &helm.ReleaseArgs.Values without using strings (king of like Args) that would be great