Hey everyone, this may or may not be a dumb questi...
# python
Hey everyone, this may or may not be a dumb question but I'm working on a project right now where I have to use pulumi to grab a list of all of the snapshots in a project and find the most recently created to build a new host instance. Seems pretty simple but I'm having a hard time with grabbing a list of snapshots. I'm using the "google-native" provider with the 'getSnapshot' function. The documentation says "Returns the specified Snapshot resource. Gets a list of available snapshots by making a list() request." and for the life of me I can't figure out how to send that list request. I'm also seeing the same documentation for 'getDisk' and 'getInstance' and others so I'm feeling like I'm missing something simple. Anyway, this is the documentation I'm talking about: https://www.pulumi.com/registry/packages/google-native/api-docs/compute/v1/getsnapshot/ any help would be appreciated.