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#pulumiverse #contribute After watching @quiet-wolf-18467 and @broad-dog-22463 video on creating a Pulumi provider using TF Bridge, and also based on my own experience creating two such providers (pulumi-azuredevops and pulumi-time) from the pulumi-tf-provider-boilerplate and how many pitfalls and manual rework is required, I created a Cookiecutter template to create such a provider. Just by specifying some configuration settings it is possible to create a first version of the Pulumi provider very quickly, even including the necessary GitHub workflows and a SHIM class if the Terraform provider is hidden in a Go internal package. The Cookiecutter template has still some raw edges, especially no documentation right now 😁 but I tested it successfully in creating Pulumi Providers out of Terraform AzureDevOps und Terraform Time. https://github.com/tmeckel/pulumi-tf-provider-cookiecutter Let me know if this is of any interest for Pulumi Corp and if so how to proceed.
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