I have two `command.remote.Command` issues/questio...
# typescript
I have two
issues/questions that I would love some insight on if possible: 1. The first command I try to run on the server is a combination
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install redis-server -y
. The weird part is that it works maybe 50-60% of the time but when it fails it gives me an error message which indicates that
apt-get update
didnt run:
E: Unable to locate package redis-server error: Process exited with status 100
2. Later on in the list of commands I try to set the redis password via the redis-cli interactive shell with this command:
sudo redis-cli <<<"CONFIG SET requirepass ${result.secretString}"
. stdout returns and
which typically indicates success when done manually, however when I try to log into the server remotely there is no password set. Very strange behavior.
Follow up: I also tried separating these commands and using
but the same issue kept occurring.
for the second one, are you using pulumi.interpolate to unwrap the password from the output object?
Im using apply() but just so were clear that aspect it is working properly