Hi. I renamed a Pulumi resource according the name...
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Hi. I renamed a Pulumi resource according the name of another resource, but there was an exception thrown as it couldn't convert Output<T> to Output<string>. Unfortunately rather than aborting the rename, the resource was renamed to the error message. The web interface has a 404 when trying to display the resource. Its a protected resource. I've corrected the problem but now my attempts to unprotect the resource or use an alias to rename it are failing. Copying the unprotect command given in the Pulumi output fails so I assume that it doesn't support the resource name just like the web interface, even though the change was allowed. Any suggestion on how to fix this? This is a production environment
I managed to get around it by reverting the code fix to unprotect and then applied it again to delete and create. Ideally names not supported by the CLI and web interface should result in errors.