How do I upgrade the provider version for resource...
# golang
How do I upgrade the provider version for resources created with an older version for the AWS SDK plugin? When I run
pulumi plugin install resource aws 5.10.0
and do a
pulumi up
, Pulumi will download v5.4.0 of the plugin because of some existing resources that were created with that old version, even though the old version was uninstalled from the system. How do I get Pulumi to upgrade the resources to start using 5.10.0?
I have tried both editing the state file by hand to change all 5.4.0 references to 5.10.0, as well as updating my go.mod file. No luck.
I faced the same issue yesterday. Pulumi does not like to use 5.10.0 standalone. For some reason there is a dependency with 5.4.0 For now I have both the versions installed.
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The dependency seems to come from pulumi-awsx. The weird thing is pulumi auto-installs all other plugins, but never aws 5.4.0