Do you use Pulumi for every infrastructure, such a...
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Do you use Pulumi for every infrastructure, such as for example Auth0 for identity management or do you combine using Pulumi with manual creation? What pros and cons do you see of this? In my opinion Pulumi helps me provision for multiple environments, but for some things it takes less time to create manual, such as Auth0. I would also like to use Azure B2C but it is not supported by Pulumi because it uses Microsoft Graph API instead of Azure ARM API
Automation is not only related to the speed of setting up infrastructure. Don’t forget about the 100% repeatability of automated infrastructure setup. Personally, I always try to go the extra mile in automating such setups. Earlier this week, I bumped into this tweet which aligns with my personal preference: Besides the Azure Classic and Azure Native providers, we also have an Azure Active Directory provider: I don’t know how B2C deviates from standard Active Directory. It’s worth a try to see if this provider allows you to manage B2C as well.
@limited-rainbow-51650 Thanks. I had considered the benefit of repeatable infrastructure, which could be quite handy in case my infrastructure got taken down. However, my main struggle is getting infrastructure created as fast as possible so I can ship my product. I just checked out the Azure AD provider, unfortunately, it does not support Azure B2C.