Is there any implication deleting the versioning p...
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Is there any implication deleting the versioning provider that appears when I show my stack URNS?. Recently I noticed (without intentionally adding it) another aws provider urn with a version on it. So I got 2 providers now, like:
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├─ pulumi:providers:aws                        default
    │     URN: urn:pulumi:test::my-project::pulumi:providers:aws::default
    └─ pulumi:providers:aws                        default_5_9_2
          URN: urn:pulumi:test::my-project::pulumi:providers:aws::default_5_9_2
Is that added automatically whenever a resource needs another version of the provider?
As I understand it, that happens when the default provider is updated. Resources created before the update don't need to be changed, so Pulumi creates the extra pointers. They don't add much overhead, they're safe to ignore. They tend to go away on their own: I think maybe the newest available provider is used whenever the resource is updated, so the older references naturally fall away. You might be able to force the matter by cleaning out all your dependencies (plugins and packages) and re-installing them, so that only the newest version is available. I don't know if that'll force updating all the providers; worth a shot?
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