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08/09/2022, 12:45 AM
👋 I’m trying to create a regional network endpoint group for an apiGateway. I know this functionality is pre-GA. It seems like the gcp-classic provider has the ability to create NEGs with the type SERVERLESS, but it doesn’t support the apiGateway backend. The google-native provider does support this, but I’m stuck on (what I think is) a bug Then I thought, Oh! I can just create it and then import to see the differences, but… google native doesn’t have import? So now I’m a bit stuck. Does anyone have a workaround or ideas for this situation?
Okay, I was able to work around this by using the gcp classic provider. I just wasn’t clear how to point it at the api gateway. Here’s the code
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_, err = compute.NewRegionNetworkEndpointGroup(ctx, "redacted-"+ctx.Stack(), &compute.RegionNetworkEndpointGroupArgs{
		Name:                pulumi.String("redacted-" + ctx.Stack()),
		NetworkEndpointType: pulumi.String("SERVERLESS"),
		Region:              pulumi.String(data.Location),
		ServerlessDeployment: &compute.RegionNetworkEndpointGroupServerlessDeploymentArgs{
			Platform: pulumi.String("<|>"),
			Resource: pulumi.String("redacted-" + ctx.Stack()),
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