I’m not sure the best place to post the question, ...
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I’m not sure the best place to post the question, but is it a known limitation that the terraform-to-pulumi converter doesn’t convert some terraform functions like compact, concat, etc? I tried to convert a terraform project recently and it seemed it didn’t know how to convert some of those. I’m not sure if that’s a known limitation or if I’m doing something wrong 😂
Yes - there are a handful of functions that are not yet supported. The converter will still generate code for you, but those expressions with throw “not yet implemented” errors, so you will need to patch them up. This allows the converter to do the first 90% of the conversion work, but there is in general some work you’ll need to do to address these last few things. That said - we’re working on adding conversion support for the remaining functions. See for example: • https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi-converter-terraform/issues/104https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi-converter-terraform/issues/19
Ah that’s great to know! It does seem like the terraform bridge for providers handles those unless I misread the code.