Anyone have any issues with custom providers, defa...
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Anyone have any issues with custom providers, defaultTags and S3 bucket objects? We are still using the old school stackTransformation to auto-tag everything, but would like to just use defaultTags. The problem arises when we have a stack with multiple providers (1 per env, to create buckets in each account). The custom providers’ “default” tags get overwritten, since we are using the stack transformation, all providers’ “default” tags get overwritten with the last one created. e.g. all have
env: 'prod'
or whatever. This is why we want to switch to the actual
implementation for the provider. This works well, however, we run into issues with the amount of tags we have the “powers that be” want us to have, and BucketObjectV2 resources. We can only have 10, and we have 15. I looked into using the
argument for our bucket object resources, but when I do that, I get this error, and I’m not quite sure why:
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SetNew only operates on computed keys - tags_all is not one
Has anyone found a way around this? It’s quite annoying, and I can’t seem to find any info in it anywhere…either in the pulumi-aws or terraform-provider-aws repos. Thanks!