Hey All! We wanted to let everybody know that we'...
# pulumi-cloud
Hey All! We wanted to let everybody know that we've made a couple of improvements to the Pulumi Service Provider in version
that I think you all will appreciate šŸ™‚ Notably: ā€¢ #63 (My personal favorite, and a community request) To use the provider locally, all you need to do is run
pulumi login
, and it'll use your saved credentials. This means you no longer need to set
or set a configuration value! You can still set the variable if you'd like to override your saved credentials, or if you're running your program in CI/CD. ā€¢ #51 We added
resource, so you can manage team access to stacks within a pulumi program. You can grant stack permissions to a team from directly inside of the stack itself now, which I think is pretty neat. Here's an example in YAML. We're excited about directly integrating the Pulumi Service into Pulumi programs. So we would love to get more feedback from you all about how we can improve, and what features you would like us to add. Please file an issue here if you have any ideas, suggestions, or if you find any bugs!
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