:wave: Hi we have a couple of python pulumi stacks...
# esc
👋 Hi we have a couple of python pulumi stacks and I'd like to be able to access the secrets from the stack. is there a docs page showing how that's done? it seems my config is available when I run
poetry run pulumi up --stack prod --show-config
but I'm still getting
Missing required configuration variable
also curious if there's a a special function that handles regular variables in esc when using pulumi and if there's a different function when handling secrets? what about secrets that are files, i.e. based64 string of a files (to handle linebreaks)
Hi Ereli, can you share your python program and ESC Environment definition?
I think the issue was that you need to copy (interpolate) your secrets from esc top level to pulumiConfig for them to be available in pulumi, which is counter intuitive.