I'm having an issue with upgrading to `@pulumi/gcp...
# google-cloud
I'm having an issue with upgrading to
v7.29.0 (NodeJS) where many resources are getting marked as
with no attributes changing, but GCP rejects the update because no attributes are marked for changing. For many resources I simply destroyed them (using
pulumi destroy --target ...
) but one of them is a database which has data in it:
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~ gcp:spanner/instance:Instance: (update)
                config         : "projects/mimetic-algebra-344104/instanceConfigs/regional-us-west1"
                displayName    : "jester-dev-app-cssm Instance"
                forceDestroy   : false
                name           : "jester-dev-app-cssm-ledger-instance-b9c8c93"
                processingUnits: 100
Which fails with:
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gcp:spanner:Instance (jester-dev-app-cssm-ledger-instance):
    error: 1 error occurred:
    	* updating urn:pulumi:dev::jester-cloud-deploy::Keeta:GCP:JesterApp$Keeta:GCP:CSSM$gcp:spanner/instance:Instance::jester-dev-app-cssm-ledger-instance: 1 error occurred:
    	* Error updating Instance "mimetic-algebra-344104/jester-dev-app-cssm-ledger-instance-b9c8c93": googleapi: Error 400: Invalid UpdateInstance request.
        "@type": "<http://type.googleapis.com/google.rpc.BadRequest|type.googleapis.com/google.rpc.BadRequest>",
        "fieldViolations": [
            "description": "Must specify a non-empty field mask.",
            "field": "field_mask"
Because nothing is being updated is my guess.
I was able to get past this with a
(which failed initially because custom resources write the pathname of packages, and if the packages change it cannot be refreshed)