Is it possible to use pulumi Service with self man...
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Is it possible to use pulumi Service with self managed backend ?
yes, you can use AWS S3, or Azure Blob Storage, or Google Cloud Storage:
@mammoth-electrician-64525 I initially created a pulumi personal account, all the stack state was saved by pulumi here. Now I want to use s3 to save state, so I used pulumi login s3://… I want to be able to still use the pulumi UI that pulumi service provided when I was logging in to pulumi personal account. Is this possible ?
Or is it only possible by self hosting pulumi via the business critical edition ?
Pulumi UI is proprietary software; it is how Pulumi company maintains and supports all other open source solutions. If you or your company want to see, Pulumi growing and giving you incredible new features is a reasonable way to support the project by acquiring a business license.
@mammoth-electrician-64525 We are planning on getting the business license. Is there any doc I can see on how pulumi encrypts states & secrets when using the pulumi service backend ? Also how will the encryption work when self hosting pulumi ?
you can check both of these docs: • Self-Hosted Pulumi Service(UI): • Secrets in general:
Information about self-hosted is available at If you have further queries around it and the business critical license contact the sales team, they'll be happy to help with any questions
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@cold-orange-37453 i’m in pulumi’s sales org, if you need any more information about our self hosted vs saas product, please feel free to dm me