Where is the best place to post that I'm looking f...
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Where is the best place to post that I'm looking for a project to work on? I don't want to pollute this space if its just job-postings only - so let me know and I'll adjust/delete the message if required. I'm in Switzerland and am very interested in Pulumi, C# and Azure. I'm already working with a team here in CH on re-inventing their devops (and dev) pipelines and we chose Pulumi, ephemeral environments, azure + aks. It's made an incredible difference so far (and certainly wasn't all smooth sailing). If anyone is interested in swapping experiences / techniques I'd be very open for that too - I've often wondered what others would have implemented in a similar situation. Don't hesitate to DM me if you want to chat. Thanks and have a great day.
Are you thinking like "Stories of SRE" but for Pulumi IAC in general?
That sounds very interesting - yes! I'm interested in understanding (and making available / exposing) the motivations behind use of devops / pulumi etc, what leads people to automate what things - so stories sounds like a great way to do that.