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08/22/2022, 4:33 PM
hi everyone. Looking for a bit of help around learning to building a first time provider component. Using the python boiler plate. The error I receive is:
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error: Running program '/Users/gm/Desktop/git/pulumi-gcp-test/examples/bucket_test' failed with an unhandled exception:
    Error: failed to register new resource test_bucket [xyz:index:GCPBucket]: 2 UNKNOWN: Unexpected <class 'TypeError'>: __init__() got an unexpected keyword argument 'options' t Object.registerResource (/Users/gm/Desktop/git/pulumi-gcp-test/sdk/nodejs/node_modules/@pulumi/runtime/resource.ts:292:27)
My provider code looks like this:
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class Provider(provider.Provider):
    def __init__(self) -> None:
        super().__init__(xyz_provider.__version__, xyz_provider.__schema__)

    def construct(
        name: str,
        resource_type: str,
        inputs: Inputs,
        options: Optional[ResourceOptions] = None,
    ) -> ConstructResult:

        if resource_type == "xyz:index:GCPBucket":
            return _construct_gcp_bucket(name, inputs, options)

        raise Exception(f"Unknown resource type {resource_type}")

def _construct_gcp_bucket(
    name: str, inputs: Inputs, options: Optional[ResourceOptions] = None
) -> ConstructResult:

    gcp_bucket = GCPBucket(name, GCPBucketArgs.from_inputs(inputs), options)

    return provider.ConstructResult(
        urn=gcp_bucket.urn, state={"bucket": gcp_bucket.bucket})
My test code:
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import * as xyz from "@pulumi/xyz";

const gcp_bucket = new xyz.GCPBucket(
        "name": "test_bucket",  "location": "northamerica-northeast1"   });
Any help is appreciated!