this is similar to my issue. is there a way to add...
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this is similar to my issue. is there a way to add to a container app’s env vars the url of the container app that is being created? You can get the url like so
Url      = Output.Format($"https://{app.Configuration.Apply(x => x!.Ingress).Apply(x => x!.Fqdn)}");
but obviously it’s cyclic dependency issue, you’re trying to add the url to the envvars but the url doesn’t exist yet
Circular dependencies aren't really supported at the moment, there's some tricks to work around it explained in but all a bit odd
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A container apps specific workaround could be using a custom DNS address + SSL certificate. That way, you can set the DNS address as a pulumi config value, provision the custom address, and pass the already-known custom address into the container app's env vars
i found i could do this due , the envvar coming from MS
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public static Uri GetContainerAppAddress(string name, bool secure = true, int? port = null) {
        if (IsNullOrWhiteSpace(name))
            throw new ArgumentException("Container App name cannot be null or whitespace.", nameof(name));

        var suffix = Environment.GetEnvironmentVariable("CONTAINER_APP_ENV_DNS_SUFFIX");
        var host   = $"{name}{(suffix is not null ? $".{suffix}" : "")}";
        var url    = $"{(secure ? "https" : "http")}://{host}{(port is not null ? $":{port}" : "")}";
        return new Uri(url);
Good call!