Is there some way to tag `k8s.helm.v3.Release` so ...
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Is there some way to tag
so that pulumi skips uninstall on a stack destroy, where the cluster itself will be taken down?
can you elaborate? you’re destroying the cluster so you don’t want bother deleting the helm release?
Exactly. There wont be any service of loadbalancer type, so nothing externally created. And the ec2-instances where everything is running will be deleted. So feels a bit iffy to wait for uninstalls since sometimes kubernetes namespaces or pods gets stuck in Terminating state that needs manual patching of the finalizers to get rid of
Try setting
on the resource provider: it’ll just get removed from state, but the resource gets left alone
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Usecase: automatic setup / teardown of environments for tests in our platform team
That will do it!
Huuuuuuge thanks man!
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