Hey all, Does anyone have a working example of cre...
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Hey all, Does anyone have a working example of creating an App Service with custom domain and free Azure cert? It’s not clear how to go about this, but I’ve assumed it is to create a
and then apply it to the App Service using a
, however there are no enum values for the cert
arg, and I can’t find any worked examples. Unfortunately Azure doesn’t return a helpful error message to help track this one down:
autorest/azure: Service returned an error. Status=400 Code="BadRequest" Message="The parameter Properties.DomainValidationMethod has an invalid value."
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But yeah, I’m also struggling how to setup a managed cert with Pulumi in an Azure App Service. Tried to look at ARM or bicep samples, but no luck so far.
Thanks, turns out that leaving out the
param works just fine to generate a free cert, but I’ve also run into the circular dependency in your post below… 😞