I don't know if you have heard of the <Azure Devel...
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I don't know if you have heard of the Azure Developer CLI (azd, not to be confused with azure cli) which was released in public preview recently. It's a command line tool that can help you create, build, provision, and deploy a new application. Part of its scope is Infrastructure as Code of course, but it currently only supports bicep. Support for Terraform is coming next in their roadmap but support for Pulumi is currently not planned. One of the Azure Developer CLI PM has created an issue here to track the request for Pulumi support but it won't be prioritized without upvotes. This Azure Developer CLI looks promising and something I want to use it in the future, but with Pulumi code, not bicep or terraform code. Could you please upvote the issue to make this happen? Moreover, I think having support for Pulumi in such a tool would help Pulumi adoption for Azure users.
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