If I have an infrastructure deployment that define...
# aws
If I have an infrastructure deployment that defines, API gateway stages and then a separate stack that refers to the original stack but I want to deploy additional methods and resources to an existing stage, what do I do?
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const apiDeployment = new aws.apigateway.Deployment("openAPI Deployment", {
    restApi: openApiId,
    triggers: {
        redeployment: pulumi.all([resource.id, methodGet.id, integration.id]).apply(([resourceId, methodGetId, integrationId]) => JSON.stringify([
        ])).apply(toJSON => crypto.createHash('sha1').update(toJSON).digest('hex')),

const deploymentStage = new aws.apigateway.Stage("stage", {
    deployment: openApiDeploymentId,
    restApi: openApiId,
    stageName: env,