I'm having trouble creating a `ProjectIamPolicy` i...
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I'm having trouble creating a
in a new stack: When I try, I get an error:
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error: object retrieval failure after successful create / read state: googleapi: got HTTP response code 404 with body
(followed by the 404 body). If I use curl to query GCP for the directly policy, I get a response, containing a full policy. The policy clearly exists in GCP but Pulumi somehow can't find it. I'm thinking of trying to modify the state of the stack by adding the basic JSON for a policy (based on an example from a different stack's state I exported to a file) but this seems like a questionable way to fix it. Has anyone else run into this? Does anyone have a suggestion on how to fix this?
The issue was resolved by downgrading to google-native 0.18.0 (from 0.24.0).